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 Real HCG Testimonials From Real People

I have lost over 30 pounds on the hcg diet. Thank you for making this product. I have changed my lifestyle started going to the gym and have helped some around me too! Its too bad they're making you stop producing the item. Healthy people means no medications needed means no money for pharmaceutical companies. I spent about $100 and lost weight. My high cholesterol is gone and my sugar levels are back to normal.

Thanks again
The drops worked for me. I took the drops for 6 weeks the beginning of June this year. I lost a total of 36 lbs on the drops. My goal loss is 90 lbs and as of today I have lost 66lbs. 24 to go.
This just isn't fair. I finally got something that works and makes me feel
better and then the government screws it up. I have lost 43 pounds with HCG
and I feel so much better. I still have 15 pounds to go. I don't understand
this. There are products loaded with chemicals, like diet pop that are out
there and no one does anything about that. Can't we do something?

Karen Lemmon
Whitney, Nebraska
I am VERY sad about this.  As I told you on the phone.  The FDA clearly could not have been talking to people that are actually using this product and sticking to it because I have lost 55 lbs now since August and I feel better than I have in 20 years.  I have had NO side effects and NO problems.  I am in sales and my sales this last quarter were higher than they have ever been because I have a renewed energy and excitement about life since losing the weight.  I have 30 more lbs to lose to get to my goal weight and I have no doubt I will keep it off.  My friend that got me started has lost over 80 lbs and has kept it off for a year.  Her friend that got her started, he lost 150 lbs and has kept it off for a year and a half! 

Please keep my email address and keep me posted as to what happens with all this.  I hope it will come back so that it can help many more people. 

Best Regards,

Rhonda Mueller Smock

I started my drops on Thanksgiving and I have already lost 23lbs. My last day of the 1st three weeks will be this friday (I think). I am trying to loose more than 30lbs on the drops.
-Thanks in Advance for your time
P.S. Your drops are the best!!!!!

Hi , My name is Brenda Musson, I just want to let you know how great your product is! I have lost 27 pounds already and plan do stick with the diet to lose more. I am 55 years old and have tried MANY diets but this one really works! Thank you so much, I just placed another order because I heard they might take the product off the market, any truth to that rumor? I hope not! Thank you so much, Brenda
Thank you so much Mr. Dupont for all the information that you have giving me. I'm doing o.k. so far . I've lost 20 lbs so far and i'am feeling GREAT. Even tho my goal was 40 lbs but, that's fine.  I will give myself a little break and try again for the next 20 lbs. Are is that okay to do ?  My husband lost 37 lbs and he looks wonderful.  Once again thank you so so much.
 Vorchae Kines
Well this sucks!!  My wife and I have been following your plan, using the drops and eating according to your recomendations and have had really good results.

While I have "snacked" a few times and had some wine with a couple of meals, I have lost 20+ pounds and most of my excess belly fat.  I am a happy camper!!  My wife has the same claims. If there is an unhealthy side to this product, it is from people overinduldging in it for the quick fix.  Also, I am sure that the large companys that sell Rx weight loss drugs are really pissed off and have had their lobbyists hammer the FDA, as they usually do.  I am sure that there are some bogus companys out there that are ripping off the public, but let the people be the judge, not some snot-nosed suit with a BS*$!@ degree telling me what I can and can not injest. Just plain BS!!

Thank you and your team,

 P&L Pringle


I had great results with the drops...

Even with all the skepticism, I can't deny the results...


Lori Bearfield
I've tried everything to lose weight and nothing seemed to work fast enough, until i tried HCG. I started out weighing a stunning 198 lbs and for being 5'3 is a very unhealthy weight. I'm happy to say i've lost stunning 44lbs in just over 2 months. I'm so happy with my results. I recommend HCG to anyone trying to lose weight and who has been unsuccessful at it.

Christina Alvarado
28lbs gone :)
Hello Jason,
this is day 15 on the VLCD and I have lost 10 lbs., and my husband has lost 20! Go figure. Anyway I am still pleased, went out and bought new pants for T-day. We will be on it for 4 wks.

PS. on Nutrisystem, I had only lost 8 lbs. in 5 months...

the Hcg plan was the best thing for me. I am 55 yrs old.  I had a hard time losing weight.  I finished my drops Oct 28.  I lost 20 lbs. in 4 weeks.  I lost another 5lbs. in this 3 week maintenance period.  I have a ton of energy.  I don't get hungry between meals.  I feel fantastic.  I am going to try to maintain a low carb diet for the future.  Your product is amazing!!!  I am recommending your website to everyone Who asks me how I lost weight.  Thank you! 
Connie Zuber
I'm so happy with the results of my HCG. i was really uncomfortable buying it online. I've paid $300 for my first round of HCG and was leary about buying it online. I've lost 13 lbs in 17 days and feel great. I have noticed no difference with your HCG compared to my docs.
Thank you so much!
Joy Kincaid
I have lost 24lbs using HCG in a little over a month!!!   I have been dieting on and off for years and this product is the only thing that has worked for me!  I have told several friends and they are excited and ordering HCG too!  It seems whenever I have a question I get an email from you with just the info I needed.  Are you PSYCHIC!? lol   LOVE the support!  Thanks so much for making me feel sexy again!   : )
Update, I started on the first phase a week ago, did that Friday and Saturday and then on to next step on Sunday, I  as of yesterday, had lost just ten pounds.  I have previously written cooking column so doing well with recipes and meal prep.
Had one day that I struggled but increased the water, and that helped.
I have been on the HCG diet for almost 70 days, I have went from 232lbs to 184lbs.  I have never had any issues with my menstrual as mine has always been irregular so this did not effect it.  I took Midol if I felt bloated and any other symptoms I may have felt.

This has been the best thing, and I don’t suggest stopping and restarting the diet as it can “freak” your system out. I think this is one of the healthiest diets today and would recommend this to anyone. 

Gina Burkhalter
Hey Jason

Thanks for the update, I have been off the drops for 3 weeks and have been keeping off the 23-24 lbs.  However I would like to loose about 5-6 more lbs, should I get back on the drops or wait?



10 lbs in 2 weeks! Hit a plateau for 4 days, but no gain, and back to losing 1 lb per day... Amazing the difference.
Sent from my iPhone Lori Bearfield
Hi, my name is Dianne. I just started phase 2 loading for round 2 of hcg. I lost 23 pounds on the first round. I have 20 more to go. I am loading on my second day and I hate the sugar and starch! (something I never thought I would!) I hope this is my last time to load. I actually eat better with the limit of 250 cal. a meal. I preferred the apple cucumber cottage cheese meal. The orange tomato and 3 oz. Of chicken. I want this to be 21 days, but perhaps not.

Thank you for your quality drops!
Here is to 20 more!
Hi Jason, on Wednesday I will be on Phase 2 two weeks. I am down 15.2 lbs already. Very happy with the diet so far. I have to say if it were not for the suggested recipes it would be much harder and very boring. The recipes are great!  My question to you is after the 37 days what is next if you still have 30 more pounds to lose?  

Kim Miles CLM, AmericInn Sent from my iPhone
Hello Jason,

I am on day 21 and doing great. I have lost 15.2 lbs. Yeah!
I am going to go off the hgc tomorrow and stabilize for the next 6 weeks and do it all over again. I want to lose 10 more lbs.

Thanks for the support.
Shair Springer
Good Morning All

I am currently on my 22 day of phase 2; and I lose a total of 14lbs in which I am go very happy. I having been this small in so long. I start at 146.8 and this morning I weight in at 132. My goal weight is between 125-128 so l will continue until reach .

Thanks HCG it change my live
Lisa M Davis
Thank you for our conversation the other day, and thank you for getting my
product here on Friday!!!!  This is my second go around with hcg.  I tried
it in January of this year, lost 17lbs in the first month, was doing
great...then my husband was fired (unjustly) after being in a top position
with the county for over ten years.  It was so shocking to both of us,
everything went to the wayside.  Until I actually looked it up the other
day, I couldn't even remember what product I had used that brought such
great results.  Fortunately, he has a new job, making more money, working
less hours :)

I started my two day loading process today (Saturday).  The last drops I had
tried had virtually no flavor.  These tingle a bit and have just a very
slight bitter taste to them. Is there any particular reason they would be so

I am excited to restart this journey and am looking to my new body.

I will be placing an order in about 10 days to get my second bottle...I
intend to use this until I reach my goal weight of 50lbs lighter.

The before picture is me at 236 in Mexico. The after picture was taken today on my 6th week of being on the diet. I am now 200 lbs. I still have a few more pounds to drop but it would have taken me months to get to where I am now. This diet really works. I had my wife pack me a lunch and I ate every few hours. The great thing about the diet is that I wasn't starving on it. That really surprised me. I also have learned the difference between being hungry and feeling like I want to eat a snack.
Joel S Woolf
Here are my statistics according to my weight loss doctor. If my mathematics are correct, 75% of my weight loss was fat. I don't know what is normal (non-HCG) but my doctor seemed totally impressed. She said, "Wow! you must have exercised like crazy." The thing is, I was doing WAY LESS exercise than I normally do. I'm sure it will be a greater percentage when I do my normal exercise routine when I go back on HCG this fall.

In March of 2011 I weighed 184 pounds. I was sick of being fat and miserable so I went to a weight loss clinic and paid about $300 a month. My body fat percentage was 42% and my BMI was 32.5. After three months of yo-yo dieting, I had lost 2 lbs. and my body fat and BMI remained the same. In June, I decided to try the HCG because of the tremendous success my daughter had experienced with it. I had been resistant to trying it, because I have always had an overwhelming appetite and could not imagine being able to tolerate such a small amount of food. After five and a half weeks on the HCG diet I had lost 23 pounds. I experienced almost no hunger while on the HCG and my body fat percentage dropped to 38% and my BMI is now 28. I have been on maintenance for about six weeks and am anxious to start again and lose the rest of my weight.
 Barbara Woolf
I order two bottles of HCG drops from I received my drops within three business days. This is the best diet that I have ever tried! I started this diet on June 23, and have lost 25 lbs. I still have a couple of days left before I finish my first bottle. I have been overweight all my adult life. I have tried numerous diets and spent thousands of dollars on diet programs and products. Nothing worked for me. So when I heard all the talk about "the hcg diet" I said to my husband, "I got to try it." I went on youtube, and researched a number of HCG websites to find a hcg supplier. I came across This site gives you so much information about their product, recipes, and instructions. The site went into details about the origin of the diet and a complete diet protocol. I decided to order from this site not only for the price but because I was able to talk to a person and not a recording. There is so much information on the internet about "the hcg diet." I was happy that I could talk directly to someone who have did the research on this diet and could answer my questions. Anytime I had a question I just called the toll free number and spoke to someone. I still have quite a few pounds to go before reaching my goal, but no worry. I am so excited. I would like to thank the representative, Jason Dupont, for getting back with me so quickly, and answering all my questions.
Madeline Boyd-Moamin
Hello, I'm happy to say that the HCG drops are my new best friend!! I have had weight issues for many years and after researching this product and speaking to a representative I decided to try this. NOTHING ever worked but HCG gave me hope when I saw I had lost 7lbs in 1week, I was convinced! I did the 500 calorie plan with a twist. I only chewed food which consisted of all veggies at 5pm the rest of my morning an afternoon I did all natural smoothies with veggies with my 10 drops 3 times per day. I was FULL and dropping weight like crazy! I started in March 2011 at 275 lbs by June 1st I had lost 85lbs I'm now 190lbs and counting... This really WORKS! I HAVE ABS!!! I never knew my body could look this good and feel even better! Its literally taking the fat away!  I just ordered my second round of miracle drops because I have 60lbs to go to reach my goal weight.  I RECCOMMEND this product to ALL who are and have struggled with dieting and weight. This is NOT a diet its a LIFESTYLE and if I can succeed YOU can too! Thank you to Jason who walked me thru this program my life is healthier and happier because I spoke to you!!! I will post pictures when I've reached my goal. THANKS again HCG for adding to mine and my families life!
Teri in Atlanta, GA
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The HCG diet is fantastic! I have tried everything and all I had to lose was 10 lbs, but I couldn't do it with just watching my portion size and exercise. This has been a wonderful experience and I didn't feel like I was cheated out of anything at all. I have more energy now than I ever had, and my clothes fit fantastic!

The drops took a little getting use to, but after a day or so it was fine....this has been the easiest way of dropping weight I have ever done. I'm looking forward to maintaining my weight after I finish this. I only have 2 more lbs to go to my goal weight! 

Pat McLaughlin, ABR(R)


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