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HCG Diet Recipes

By: Scotty Randall

Although many people are concerned about the new and quick popularity of the HCG diet that is out on the market, many don’t realize that the diet comes along with great HCG diet recipes which can help you stay healthy while dieting. As long as you remain healthy while you are on virtually any diet, you should be able to lose weight without any consequences to your health. The HCG diet isn’t just a fad or a recommendation to starve yourself while your body burns the fat that you are trying to lose- actually, it is quite the opposite. They instead have amazing recipes that allow you to get the calories your body needs to run throughout the day but limiting the calories from going over board.

hCG Diet Recipes work allow higher volume foods with less calories

It is important to know that although the HCG diet recommends a lower number of calories than many diets (approximately 500- 1200 total calories per day); it also says that you should avoid exercise and strenuous activity. Although many point to this as another negative of the diet in general, they simple give this advice because without exercise your body will be burning fewer calories, which makes sense on a diet that limits your calorie intake. Although this scares some people away, many doctors have even agreed that if you are not burning the calories, you need to limit them in a much stronger way. This is where HCG makes the biggest impact and helps their clients lose the weight very quickly.

HCG is thought to help your body shed excess pounds by “resetting” the part of your brain called the hypothalamus gland. This gland controls your feelings of hunger and once reprogrammed by HCG, it requires less food and calories daily. While you are taking the HCG, and using the HCG diet recipes, you do not feel hungry because the drug is working in the way it is supposed to, by limiting the feelings of hunger that most people would anticipate that they would feel on a 500 calorie per day diet. So you take in less calories, avoid strenuous activity that would burn more calories, and lose weight quickly. That sounds like a perfect solution, which is why so many people have bought HCG and are trying it out!


HCG comes with diet recommendations and recipe booklets to show you that you can eat healthy, full meals on the diet that will fit into the daily caloric recommendations without feeling hungry or tired all day. Examples of these diets include lean chicken or fish with very large quantities of vegetables and fruits. The diet books come along with dozens of recipes that will keep you from getting bored on the diet, and they have fun and interesting ways to cook your meals to keep calories down while you still enjoy what you are eating every day. The diet typically has you very strict, consuming about 500-1200 calories per day for about two weeks, when it then allows you to consume more calories as long as you get in exercise several times a week. Although you are eating more, you are burning more calories, so it breaks even. This combined with your reset hypothalamus glad, help you to lose the excess fat and pounds very quickly. The fat your body doesn’t need is burned off and you will see dramatic results quickly while eating all you need and staying healthy. Specials + Unlimited Free Support

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So while many people are scared of this diet and trying to steer people away from it, it is actually a well thought out plan that recommends that you eat just what your body will need to get through the day. Using this diet, you will not feel like you are missing anything and you won’t go through your day feeling like you are hungry.


It is important to eat a healthy diet no matter what weight loss method you are using. Diets that tell you to starve yourself are dangerous, which is why some people are scared of HCG, thinking it is one of those types of plans, when really it is not. Eating healthy all the time is important for your overall health and well being. You should meet with a doctor or dietician before attempting any dramatic weight loss goals on your own. The HCG plan is a smart move for anyone trying to lose weight, and the HCG diet recipes can help you meet your goals.

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