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Homeopathic HCG

By: Amy Whaley

Homeopathic HCG is being discussed in the media and around the world for its amazing weight loss results. There is quite a bit of controversy regarding homeopathic HCG, its methods, whether it works, and why. Many people have had amazing results and claim it saved their lives and may have been the first weight loss technique they have found that actually helped them lose weight, and many doctors say it is safe and people should not be afraid of it. Many others within the medical community have expressed concern regarding what it is and what it does. It is important to look at the facts and not just the media reports to determine if homeopathic HCG may be the right weight loss method for you.

First we must discuss what HCG actually is. HCG is a chemical that is naturally produced by the body during pregnancy. This chemical has a very important job, because it signals the body to use up stored, unwanted fat if the body is hungry which makes sure the baby doesn’t starve of vital nutrients while it is growing. This chemical only shows up during pregnancy as a protective element for the fetus. Doctors have studied this and learned that if people who are not pregnant take HCG, they can have similar results because their bodies will continue to get rid of excess fat. Many people who were originally doubtful of the effectiveness have tried the method of losing weight and seen success. HCG is said to “re-set” the hypothalamus, which is the part of the brain that controls whether you feel hungry.

The diet recommends that in combination with the HCG you stick to a 500 calorie a day diet. Many people in the medical community say that this is way too low and is the reason people are losing weight. But it is also said that the HCG is effective at suppressing the feelings of hunger, so although you are only consuming 500 calories per day, you are not feeling hungry, allowing your body to burn the unwanted fat. It is also recommended to abstain from exercise while on the diet for the first several weeks, because if you were exercising, you need more daily caloric intake. After the first few weeks of the diet you are allowed to consume more calories and begin working out again. Specials + Unlimited Free Support

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Homeopathic HCG

Although people express concern about the low amount of calories consumed, that is the reason you are encouraged not to work exercise. 500 calories per day is enough to keep your body running safely and as long as you are not burning too many calories or feeling hungry, so it is perfectly safe. The HCG drops are so effective in making you feel like you aren’t hungry that most people who are on the diet do not feel differently before they were on the diet, except they see drastic improvements in their weight loss goals!

If you follow the advice of the diet, you can see weight loss results of up to 2 pounds per day. Although it seems like quite a bit of weight to lose so quickly, it is safe and the diet ensures you are getting enough calories to sustain your daily lifestyle. It does not burn your muscle and leaves you more tone than before taking HCG.

As with any weight loss program, you should consult with your physician for recommendations that are specific to your body prior to beginning the diet. All diets are not for everyone. Women who are nursing or pregnant should not try this diet. Homeopathic HCG is a great way to lose weight quickly and safely and should be considered if you want to find an effective diet method.

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