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Nervous about HCG Shots? Consider HCG Drops

By: Sally Simpson


hCG Injections

When I first heard about the HCG Diet it seemed like an extreme weight loss solution. Did people really go to a doctor every day to get a shot? Injections and the needles that come with them sound a little bit scary to me. Of course, it is a trained person who would be giving you the HCG injection- but, it still is an injection. I have never felt very comfortable about putting needles into my body. There is always the risk with a shot that it could get infected or that your body will have a reaction to what is being injected.  

There was also the cost factor. Getting HCG injections from a doctor cost hundreds of dollars. However, the results from the HCG diet are so impressive that I thought it just might be worth it; especially since I was getting frustrated by my normal weight loss efforts. I was spending an hour or more 6 days a week at the gym and still gaining weight. I could never get ahead of my hunger. The harder I worked out the hungrier I became. I could eat in 5 minutes the calories it took me an hour to burn off.

If only there was a way I could do the HCG diet without an HCG injection. I found out that there was! If you use homeopathic HCG drops you can forego the shots and still get the same results. I was so excited! I had used homeopathic remedies before and they worked really well. One very good thing about homeopathic remedies is that they are extremely safe. They don’t work on a chemical level so you can’t overdose with them. If you take too much, they just don’t work. HCG homeopathic drops were definitely the route I wanted to take. Specials + Unlimited Free Support

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There was a small problem, however. I know from my previous experiences with homeopathy that it is important to have a good product. Like anything that you are taking into your body- and especially with things like supplements or drugs- you want be sure that it is of good quality. The HCG drops could be ineffective, or worse, if what was inside them wasn’t what I was expecting. I decided I needed to find HCG drops that were FDA certified and registered and qualified for the Good Manufacturing Practices seal of approval.

Fortunately, I was able to find several options that had exactly what I was looking for. (I just love the internet!) It was simply a matter of finding the best price, and a website that was secure and easy to use.

I am now in my third week on the HCG diet and I am so happy- not only with the results but with the process. It isn’t really an “easy” diet. But then, what diet is? It has worked exactly as the instructions said it would. I am losing an average of a pound a day without feeling kind of hunger that I felt when I was trying the “eat right and exercise” route.  I still plan on eating right and exercising, because I feel happier when I do and I know that I will put on unwanted fat again if I don’t put forth the effort. But, I am looking forward to doing it in my new and improved body. I am so glad I found HCG drops!

hCG Injections

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